In my head there is a buzz going on.

I am thinking about 'mess' and how when we come down to it, the problems we face - big and small - are messy and will always be that way.

A messy thing to say in fact? A human thing to say?

And isn't this what technology is supposed to figure out?Take AI. Surely this is what all the fuss is about. Take messy and complex things like climate change, social injustice or predicting sales forecasts and let the AI take the load. Or even the most fundamental like educating ourselves and looking after ourselves. Hasn't these subjects become even more messy despite what we thought was supposed to happen?

Are we better off?

As leaders we have decades of operating inside frameworks, methodologies and philosophies to embed into how we do business. And there is nothing wrong with this because business needs to be anti-fragile - especially nowadays - and creating structures, principles and processes is how mankind has survived.

But is there room for messy too?

I believe decade after decade of saying we are innovative and creative whilst reducing risk and removing uncertainty has created a situation where we often come up short. Whether it is creating bigger gaps between Haves and Have Nots, or making the workplace a less happier environment than we say it is or because we believe the 'computer is right' no matter what we common sense suggests, we are getting squeezed by overconfidence and intellectual arrogance.

I believe we can and for me in 2024 I intend to find out.

I believe we need to messier in how we approach solving problems.

I believe we can do this whilst still working within the lines set by ourselves and the businesses we work for.

Many will disagree or scratch their heads of course.

I would have done a few years ago.

So in 2024 I am going to embark on some 'messy research'.

I will meet new people and talk about messy.

I will write a book ( oops said it now so better had ) that will be about messy.

And I will talk to anyone who wants to share stories and thoughts on the role of messy in our world today.