Even if it
was free

I'm Paul Russell and I help
individuals and teams think
differently about solving
problems and finding
better answers.

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it starts with a dot and finishes with a hidden idea!

It takes a little courage - not on my behalf - but on the people in the room.

When asked to put a dot in the middle of a whiteboard and discuss how it represents the problem they face many leaders and teams find it hard. Why? Because we all face many problems and if we could the whiteboard would be like a leopard.

And with courage comes diversity and with diversity comes inspiration.

I ran recently a series of 60 minutes 'dot' workshops - like speed dating - for a series of people involved in sales and marketing. it was not only also hard work but fun. Within minutes people dropped their preconceptions and shields and started reframing their dot - their original problem - and started to see the more important dot they needed to fix. Just like one of those puzzles that people tell you there is a giraffe or old woman yet all you can see are random shapes and colours.

And you know what? During the workshop the dot moves around a lot. And it never returns to the place it starts. Why? Because the problem people thought they had was not the one they needed to resolve.

You see the issue we all face I suspect is that whilst the dot might represent the problem we believe we have it is the space around the dot than contains the real problem - and the answer!

Told you - it can be fun.

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If overnight all the technology you need was suddenly free, would you take as much as you can or would you stop and think, do I really need it? Would you ask yourself, ‘even if it was free will it make a significant and long-lasting change, and what outcome do I need that will improve me or others?’

We face a Trilogy of Temptation where innovation  fuels our confidence to go faster -both at work and play. A natural human development that helps us achieve the impossible but can make us miss blind spots  in the conversations we have. A conversation that needs us to remain curious and vulnerable to understand each other better, be more inquisitive about each other and share more human centric stories of what good should look like.

These are the questions I now help business leaders and teams figure out. And in my recently published book I share my thoughts of a Diverger's Toolkit. A more empathetic approach to the conversations we have that uses skills we already possess.

If this is something on your mind please contact me and we can schedule some time to talk.

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