Even if it
was free

I'm Paul Russell.
I help people become more courageous
when solving their problems
through innovation and technology.


I coach business teams and individuals on how to adapt their thinking to solving problems when confronted with the lure of technological solutions and the uncertainty of human outcomes. I run fast sprint workshops called "Mother in Law and Bullet Hole and How Might We Make It Easier", designed to shake off bias and illusion and open up minds to explore fresh possibilities. It is great fun and rewarding to watch people prise open closed mindsets - no matter how senior you might think you are or how much you think you know.

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FREE GUY is a real person!!

My first book - Even If It Was Free - was inspired by the incredibly smart Mark Bew.

Mark uttered the infamous words - in my mind - during a classic and being honest, run rate business meeting. He challenged the norm by suggesting that 'even if it ( the tech ) was free he wouldn't sign the contract'. Here was a senior business leader turning away something he knew he needed for his business.

That day changed my mindset. I like to call it a Diverger's Mindset and my book peels open the onion on how a trilogy of temptation can block our view from what value means - and how we get there.

A mindset that I call a 'messy' mindset because it is all about the three pounds of squidgy stuff between our ears. A place of fascinating and amazing feats every day but also a hive of fraility where bias creeps in to effect beliefs and decisions we made. Add more people to our circles of influence and we can suffer from Groupthink.

A mindset that is more important than ever because of the relentless pressure it seems to go faster, be more agile and converge on getting the job done.

I now coach along this 'messy line' finding it incredibly rewarding to help others take a moment to reframe a problem, seek diverse thoughts and identify different ways to getting a value outcome. A myriad of thoughts around culture, trust and cognitive skills - active listening, beautiful questions and story telling.

This is what I cover in my workshops - "60 minutes to make a difference" and "How Might We What If We" - using elements of the Design Thinking philosophy combined with my years of experience in consultancy, sales,executive leadership and technology innovation.

If this is something on your mind please contact me and we can schedule some time to talk.

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Good Ideas - Where do you get yours?

  •  21/09/2023 03:38 PM

Ideas. We all have them. We need them to survive and thrive whether in personal life or in the world of work. But where do they come from? And when we are talking about new ideas does our track record of ideas success (and failure) matter? Should we forget the past and only look forward? Will this time be different? And for those employed to be 'ideas people' can we rely on them alone to be the saviour or can we simply take a look on social media and use what strangers are seducing us with?

The question we rarely ask each other

  •  25/08/2023 12:36 PM

If we just find the time to ask this question - what question have I not asked you that you feel I should have what would we learn? Questions are the lifeblood of how we grow. They seek information to help us understand each other but too often we are converged too much on asking questions that suit a situation constraining us unfairly into closed mindset moments. Yet the human is desperate to learn more. Why not try the question and see what you learn? It might surprise you.

Fall BACK in love with problems

  •  06/07/2023 10:51 AM

In our instant gratification lives we are often guilty of relying on the 'heard it before' auto pilot response when thinking about problems. Despite our attempts to think differently at some point or other we can get caught out and miss the opportunity to see something we might miss.

I was never trained to tell stories - were you?

  •  05/12/2022 04:14 PM

We might be good at telling stories to our children but why do we struggle to tell good business stories? Have we become lazy or too reliant on others or social media to do it for us? But hang on we were never trained to tell stories so we have to go with what we think.

What is the trilogy of temptation?

  •  05/11/2022 12:12 AM

How we are seduced by technology through innovation that fuels our confidence we can do better and at a greater pace. Where agile and fragile are often too close for comfort. the ChatGPT AI debate in early 2023 sort of underlines my perspective.

My first book

  •  06/10/2022 09:01 AM

My first book! A book about sales but really about you and me. How we can rediscover our inner Diverger to get more from the conversations we have. What is a Diverger? You and me for a start. It is just years of curiosity gets stripped away from us. My book is about how you can put it back.

The power of diverse thinking

  •  06/09/2021 04:37 PM

How a community came together joined by the desire to share stories and mutual respect. 48 amazing people.

60 minutes to make a difference

  •  02/12/2019 10:01 PM

How can we use time better to understand the other person whilst still getting our point of view across - in 60 minutes.

If you're not design thinking, you're not thinking design

  •  02/12/2019 09:57 PM

Understanding the person with a problem is a much under-utilised aspect of selling today. Instead we prefer to assume.

Curiosity doesn't have to kill the cat

  •  02/12/2019 09:39 PM

Questioning is like breathing — it’s something that seems so basic, so instinctive, that we take it for granted but often leave blind spots in our wake.

  • Bullet Hole Workshop

  • Design Thinking; A secret weapon

  • 60 minutes to make a difference

I love talking through problems with people so if you have a business challenge please do get in touch.