06 Oct

I have just finished writing my first book.  

A book that I have been telling myself - and others - I would write one day. It has been a labour of love (and hate) taking me through what I am told is a quite natural roller coaster of emotions. 

A book that has taught me a lot about myself - my insecurity, my writing style and my values. 

I enjoyed the research the most. And this must say something about me because I used to love golf practice more than playing competitively and going for warm up runs rather than running in a crowd.

The book is about selling but it is I hope much more than that. A book that delves deeper into the conversation we have when we see a problem and believe a solution can be found. So the book is about all of us - whether we are selling or buying. A book that is not like traditional sales books I hope, but a little messy at times.

I talk about how we all play the role of a Converger most of the time when talking about problems and solutions. A natural human trait - fight or flight - that serves us well until we allow our biases, assumptions and illusions to create blind spots from doing what is best. So I will talk about our Diverger side too. The more mysterious side where we keep our inquisitive side as a child to prod and pull at things to see what's really going on. A side of us that in business as adults tends to get stripped away by the cultures and processes we sign up to.

So a book that could have been a set of blog posts I suppose but a book that I hope shines the light on some of your own questions about how to have a more meaningful conversation about the role of technology and the best outcome for all.

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