11 Jun

I was fortunate to be invited to a panel at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London - June 2024.

A fascinating experience for me.

No longer in the weeds on how technology can help us all lead better lives I nonetheless was intrigued to see how digital tools are now developing.

And I have a slight concern.

To me a digital workplace is less digital and more human behaviour. After all a digital tool is only there to augment and help a human do something better than before. Whether to save time or encourage new behaviours that create a positive outcome. 

So to see a room full of very smart tech ranging from analytical tools to design and measure workplace performance through to worker side add ons to improve self-help and so on really did peak my curiosity.

Where was the human centred, vulnerable, heartfelt conversations? Which provider, which there were many, had the ability to do both? Because it is not the case of one versus the other. It is a case of blending, flowing and coexisting the role of digital with the job of being a human.

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