28 Feb

Recently I have been having a lot of conversations about rope. 😀

Rope is a great way to consider systems and businesses.

We know that rope under stress gets stronger not weaker.

Think rock climbers, elevators and road bridges.

Rope that is sufficiently woven to deal with increased levels of load.

And if our systems and businesses were rope?

Are they capable of taking on extra load and stress? Are we designing them to behave this way? Or do we have strands in our rope that cannot take the load? Do we paper over deficiencies in our thinking hoping the rope will not snap? Think Horizon IT scandal. Sorry, hard to resist.

In our haste to be first, win or show we are 'smart' we forget we needed to weave the strands in our rope to withstand shock and stress.

Do I have a point here?

Yes. A point of courage.

💪🏻 it takes courage to call out a strategy or idea as being fragile no matter how well thought out and futuristic it may be.
💪🏻 it takes courage to put your hand up and be prepared to be wrong.
💪🏻 it takes vulnerability to hear what diverse voices are saying without judgement.

As opposed to be a sign of weakness (by some ) such behaviour goes to weave the rope a little more each time.

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